Parallel Leg Position: Tibial Torsion and understanding it in Pilates

Light weighted Rotational Disks – Tibial Torsion and Hip Q-angle.  I am bow legged and my parallel is internal rotation with a straight leg.   These disks are very helpful for me because they give me feedback.  They are weighted with a light spring and I have to maintain even pressure as I move through the […]

Somatic Practices in Pilates: Spotlight Feldenkrais Method- Awareness, Range and Differentiation

The teaching of Pilates falls under somatic practices, because we teach movement that is focused on the patterns, posture, bodily awareness,  strength, mobility, flexibility, releasing energetic tension, and connection of lines of energy.   Today I sharing the Feldenkrais principles, an extract adapted from: The brain’s way of healing: Stories of remarkable recoveries and discoveries, By […]


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