Transformation begins with proprioception, embodiement, collaboration, and self reflection through movement and stillness.

I specialize in Kinesiology, Movement Theory, Pilates, and Fascia Exercises, Breathwork Healing and Sound Bath Experiences. 

MOVEMENT: I use the bio-tensegrity model to realign the fascia compensations to help clients break through plateaus and improve posture, alignment, anti-aging and stimulate the lymphatic system. I emphasize on bone rhythms and tactile cueing with the Muscle Energy Technique (MET), and alongside somatic breathwork exercises.

STILLNESS: Restoration sessions using breathwork healing and sound bath experiences bring the brain waves into a meditative state and the body into the parasympathetic nervous system to find rest.

Pilates & Fascia Exercises

Breathwork & Sound Baths

Intuitive Teaching

July 2023 - Interview with Darien Gold
All Things Pilates Podcast

Darien asked me to discuss my new teaching modality of sound healing. We recorded this interview at the end of April 2023 just after I completed Sound Healing teacher training witn Bella Rivera (@alightwithbella). I am so grateful for the invitation that Darien extended to be part of her All Things Pilates Podcast. 

In this interview we discuss:

Performance verses Embodiment

Bridging the gap between contemporary and classical community

Tactile cueing and fascia focused energy work

Movement & Stillness - doing versus being

What brought me to the sound healing modality? 

What are the crystal sound bowls?

How are they used?

What is the benefit of sound healing?

My experience with integrating sound
healing with Pilates sessions

Link to podcast