Nutrition, Skin Care and Exercise all go together. These are actions that we can take to heal our bodies from the inside out. I highly recommend a Healthy Living Program 1 -2 times a year to help get rid of the foods and drinks that are robbing your body of ENERGY.

30 Days to Healthly Living

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MY Testimony

NUTRITION — I was sick. Really sick. I had just given birth to my second child, I was not sleeping and literally just surviving…. My body was tired and I was not happy emotionally where we were living. Then my body crashed, I was 37, I had a huge rash that would not go away and it kept spreading. I had NEVER HAD THIS BEFORE. I had no idea what it was. I was nursing my 3 month baby and the doctors prescribed steroid creams… After three doctors and six weeks of it getting worse, I was diagnosed with Guttate Psoriasis. I had no choice but to use the medicine, I was covered on my entire body. It was the worst I have felt in my life. I was able to get about half of it to go away with the help of medicine and the UV rays from the sun. I wasn’t healed though and I struggled for answers… No doctor could tell me WHY IT WAS HAPPENING.

Here comes my beautiful friend, Mindy, she tells me that inflammation comes from the foods we eat. WHAT!

Mindy told me her story about the inflammation in her body going away from her feet, her natural weight loss and increased energy using the 30 day program with Arbonne. I began to research the relationship between food and inflammation. I found a book by Dr. Alejandro Junger “Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself” it validated all of the information Mindy had shared with me. I decided to jump right in. I had to take back my HEALTH. I had already been using the RE9 Skincare line and I knew the quality of the products, and loved them.

What ended up happening is I did a pre-cleanse week of slowly getting rid of SUGAR, then DAIRY, then WHEAT. I started the program, meal planning and added the protein shake in (as I was still nursing, so the goal was NOT to loose weight).

The result, my Psoriasis went into REMISSION IN only 3 Weeks.

Here I am today, 7 1/2 years later… I eat 80 / 20 diet now, I do include some dairy and a little bit of wheat. However; I have had flare ups when my diet goes SOUTH…. Then I go on the 30 day program and reset my system. It has happened twice. I know my triggers — SUGAR is a big NO GO for me. So I have learned what I need to do to stay healthy.

Do you struggle with maintaining balance with your nutrition? Email me if you would like to learn more. We have programs that start 2 times a month. Its fully supported in a private face book groups with TIPS, friendship, and accountability. Here’s the scoop on what the Healthy Eating Plan looks like:

Just like what you eat, your skin needs cleansing, balancing, exfoliation, moisturizing, and protection from the environment. Being consistent with a skin routine with help your body. I have been using the RE9 line and Arbonne make-up for over 7 years, it has helped me keep fine lines, and glowing skin. For my body exfolilate once a week and mositurize daily. Use upward strokes to help lift the connective tissue up.

I am a consultant and I can help you with any questions you have with skin or wellness! Send me an email.

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