My body was broken from being a Professional Dancer in my 20s and early 30s. Pilates practice helped me heal the injuries and unlock movement patterns that were causing imbalances.

In my late 30s after having two children my body changed. I began to start researching fascia. Which lead me into more research about the mind, body, and spirit. I began to practice techniques of hands on touch and words of healing to renew the body.

Most people have injuries, dysfunction, tightness, and emotional stress that keep the body from working at its desired state.

Teachers, I would love to be your guide. I work digitally so we can connect thought a conference call, workshop via video conference, or I can come to your studio.

If you find that your clients are stuck in a pattern, and need help to find other ideas to unlock the dysfunction; I can help.Please reach out to me via email. Join my mailing list to get your blogs sent directly to your in-box. NEWSLETTER

email: carriemillerpilates@gmail.com

YouTube channel: Carrie Miller Pilates

Carrie Miller Smaczny started studying Pilates in 1994 in her undergraduate Contemporary Dance Program at Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX. She holds a BFA in Dance from TCU and a MFA in Dance from University CA, Irvine. She completed her STOTT training from Angela Sundberg in Scottsdale in 2001, then continued her teacher training in California through the John Garey Studio in Long Beach 2007. She is fully certified in STOTT equipment.   

She has taken over 60 hours of continuing education specializing in Pilates for Osteoporosis, Pregnancy, Function of the Hip and Knee, Athletic Programming, Breast Cancer Post Rehab,  and Fascia Movement for Mat & Foam Roller.
Her recent research has led her to train under Madeline Black in San Francisco 2019 – learning deep connections of the fascia to bones and dynamic alignment. 

She has been teaching Pilates and Dance since 1998. She has worked in the Los Angeles market at Bay Clubs and Equinox. Recently relocating to Scottsdale in Fall of 2017. Carrie shares her love teaching the deep connections of the Pilates work and how it has healed her mind, body and spirit.

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