Cleansing your energy before and after a Pilates Session

What does it mean to cleanse your energy?

Our bodies carry energy which can project onto our clients. If we are in a place of stress, fear, or irritability, this will taint the session. Life happens and challenges arise, I get it, It happens to me as well. I use many different techniques to clear my energy before and after a session.

Energy can project from the body as large as 12 feet. If you touch someone you are interacting with their energy.  Let’s define energy work. In, The Body Heals Itself, by Emily A. Francis she has so much information about the art of healing. She defines energy work as:

“an umbrella term describing a number or different techniques used to help the body heal itself through touch and through intuitive contact with the energies of the body. Energy work can be practiced by massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, Healing Touch practitioners, as well as people who have had no formal training, but have a true honest desire to help someone heal. Energy work is what is referred to in the Bible as “the laying of hands” and Reiki is simply another technique and school of thought surrounding energy work.”

I know as Pilates teachers following Joseph’s teachings we are indeed resetting the energy of the body through the use of three dimensional movement of the spine, breathe, dynamic stretching, and fascia release & strengthening – inducing movement to detox the body. Adding another layer to teaching is the power of touch.

Francis also states, “Placing your hands on someone carries with it great responsibility. Whenever I’m going to be doing energy work, I like to prepare myself as well as the client and the space before we begin….I practice self-cleaning techniques and I connect to the highest energy source through prayer; I smudge myself with sage to help purify my energy and raise my vibration…”

I also have self-cleaning techniques.  Before the session:

  1. I diffuse essential oils: tea tree with lemon or open the door or windows if I am teaching at a group studio.
  2. Always wash my hands.
  3. I mediate and pray for love energy, healing and restoration for all involved.
  4. Drink water before and during the session.
  5. I focus my energy into the present moment and consciously let go of any energy that is feeling heavy. This keeps me from absorbing the energy.
  6. Have a clear beginning of class- set the expectations on how we will work together, what my goals are and how we can work collaboratively to increase their body energy.
  7. Have a clear ending of class – bring people back to their breath, their heart center, and thank them for their focus, practice and light. Welcome questions and feedback.

After the session,

1. I say a prayer of gratitude (often silently to myself)
2. Wash my hands, use the bathroom
3. Stand outside in the sun to clear my energy.
4. Drink water

We as Pilates teachers are intuitive.  We must be gentle with our touch and sensitive to the client’s emotional needs at the same time taking care of our emotional an physical selves. At times if the client is in pain – physical or emotional, you might feel the heaviness of their energy. These techniques can help you release it.

As always, I love to learn about your experiences with the healing touch and how you keep your vibration high while teaching Pilates.   

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