Polarities and Patterns: A conversation about movement theory

I’m very interested in movement polarities right now. I believe this is a time to reflect about how we feel in our body.

Some concepts that have come up for me are:

1. Function // Expression
2. Tension // Relaxation
3. Free // Bound
4. Light // Dark
5. Heavy // Light
6. Retreating // Facing
7. Open // Closed
8. Dominant // Passive

I am sure you can think of more polarities – these are the ones that I am feeling in my own body. I am noticing – what is feeling tense and what is free, what feels heavy energetically, what feels light. It’s a way of looking neutrally at the body. I am not judging the feeling – asking these questions, gives me a way to reflect on my current integration.

I have a bit of a routine, exercises that I know release the tension for my body, they are NOT working for me right now. So I had to really dig inside to try to understand why.

My movement looks different today that it did 3 weeks ago, and that it OK.

My body looks different than it did three weeks ago, and that’s OK too.

Self- acceptance, is my current mindset- to look at my patterns as a point of conversation with my body. No judgement, embracing myself in this moment.

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Polarities and Patterns, A conversation about movement theory by Carrie Miller Pilates

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