Power of Virtual Workouts to Maintain Your Health & 4 Reasons to KEEP ON EXERCISING!

Pictured: Fletcher Towel, Theraband with Handles, Merrithew Weighted Balls, Magic Circle,
Hand Weights

Yes, the World is in a serious moment of pause due to the Coronavirus.

We as fitness teachers need to keep MOTIVATING our clients to keep their body in motion through online videos, live streaming sessions, and walking (if appropriate). Plus people need normalcy in their schedules right now.

So what happens when we stop exercising?

Quotes from Men’s Journal – What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Working Out for 2 Weeks
1. Brain Power – “Both aerobic and strength training boost the neurotransmitter brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which helps promote the growth of new brain cells and enhances connections between existing ones. Dopamine levels also drop as your days in the gym become a thing of the past, which may make you more anxious and fatigued, says Weiss. This feeds into motivation—if you’re tired and stressed you may avoid the gym, creating a vicious cycle. “

2. Endurance – ” You might notice your performance slip, too: “Speed, endurance, and strength can decrease by 25 to 30 percent within two to three weeks,” says Weiss.

3. Strength – A sizable decrease in muscle mass, capillary size, and density; bone density; flexibility; and overall blood flow and energy production are all side effects of becoming a couch potato, says Weiss.  Beyond size and strength, your muscles simply won’t fire the same way they used to because of underuse.”

4. SLEEP – “Because exercise places both metabolic (or energetic) and mechanical stress on your muscle tissue, it can help promote good sleep, says McCall. After all, it’s in deep REM cycles of sleep that your body produces hormones (like growth hormone and testosterone) to repair muscle tissue damaged during exercise, he notes. “A lack of exercise will lead to higher levels of energy in the body and reduce the need for deep sleep, which could lead to restless or insufficient sleep.”

For me, when I don’t move in a dynamic way – my mental well being starts to crumble and old injuries start to come to the surface. I then have less energy to give to my family and stay positive.

When we change our workouts to less sessions or less effort – typically we MAINTAIN the same eating plan which may lead to weight GAIN. One more reason to keep moving!

So what can we do as teachers, keep telling our clients to exercise and MOVE! Keep their Pilates practice going at home – let’s get creative offering restorative, Fitness/Pilates, standing work, Pilates tower work with weights! I know we can do this! They need us more than EVER, right now in this moment.

I absolutely LOVE all of the awesome teachers out in the fitness world working virtually at this time. Keep up the AMAZING work.

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In good health,

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