The Energetic Body & Fascia connection

The body is housed in electromagentic energy.

“The human energy field responds to electromagnetic field before our brain and nervous system are even aware or it. The moment we walk into a room , our energy field affects the energy field of everyone else in the room, and vice versa. The flow or electrical current between us is a natural physiological response. This means that the healing — reinforcement of electrical flow in a person – has the potential to happen before the healer has even touched a client. ” Structural Integration and Energy Medicine by Jean Lousie Green

I spoke last week about the Outer world affecting our inner world and vice versa. Our environments can alter our energy fields for better or worse. How we interact with the earth’s magnetic energy also plays a role in our electromagnetic field.

What are ways we can bring up our electromagnetic energy fields?

1. We can connect to the earth without shoes – “EARTHING by James Oschman – explained that walking, sitting or standing barefoot on the ground for half an hour or so will activate an electrical exchange between the Earth and our bodies to restore and maintain the human body’s natural electrical state by optimizing our philological function and the health of our bodies. ” Jean Lousie Green

2. Gravity relationship to our connective tissue – Through both manual therapy (Massage, Structural Integration, Mysofascia Release), and movement disciplines such as: Pilates, Dance, Barre, Yoga, Stretching, and three dimensional movement performed correctly can unlock these tension areas of fascia and create fluidity and new movement patterns.

Some movement modalities like Pilates and Yoga use tactile cuing to release the twisted fascia tissue. What are we seeing when someone has an imbalance?

“When connective tissue becomes twisted in rotation, they can shorten compress and dry out. Dehydration leads to a buildup of metabolic waste that causes inflammation, pain and degeneration.” Jean Lousie Green

These twisted rotation patterns in the fascia affects all systems of the body. Everyone I have worked with has some sort of rotation fascia patterns going on in their body. I tackle it by using the Pilates exercises with tactile curing to move the energy around to start to balance about the electromagnetic energy. If we start with the physical and the body does not respond, then I know its more a physiological issue, emotional, or spiritual issue that the body is not ready to release tension. I then speak to the client and see if I can refer them to tackling this issue in their practice.

Pilates as a movement modality is about fulfilling expanding space in three dimensions moving in all planes, with length to access the myofascial system. Self-practice and group class is a excellent daily tool; however, if you find yourself hitting a plateau or looking imbalanced, it is recommended to find private instruction to help with these fascia issues.

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