2019 Year End Reflection – Pilates Life

San Francisco- March 2019

Wow, this year has been so much growth in so many areas of my life. Especially my Pilates Life!

In the winter of 2019, after being a STOTT (Merrithew ) Pilates teacher for 19 years, I invested in STOTT equipment – V2Max Reformer with tower, Stability Chair and Arc Barrell. I was able to deepen into my personal practice everyday as well as experiment with different ways of cuing breathe, fascia lines, and restorative Pilates. I was teaching for Club Pilates at the Scottsdale Promenade. I had the Friday morning classes. I enjoyed my advanced Level 2.5 class (teachers often came), it was fascia Pilates in a group setting.

I was still very interested in fascia movement and I had read Madeline Black’s Book Centered. I love to use my hands to help clients find the alignment in the body; I was teaching them fascia re-patterning without knowing it. I was ready to embark on the next phase of the fascia connection. Madeline was offering a 12 hour workshop in San Diego in February. The workshop – Sole to Spine – focused on the first chapter of her book and many hands on cues to change the fascia and influence the placement of bone alignment. I was one of 12 students.

My AH-HA moment was when I volunteered – Madeline said, “Does anyone believe they have stuck talus (a small bone where the lower leg meets the ankle)?” (she had explained that the talus affects the alignment of the knee, as it is a micro-joint, and the placement of the tibula and fibula- the lower leg bones in the shin). As I have a municus tear on my left knee from my days of professional dancing; I immediately shot my hand up and hopped up onto the cad! She started to loosen the fascia in my foot with the first exercise and then took me the push through bar on the cad for an additional exercises of unspiralling the leg while Odilie Zelenak assisted in the physically moving my upper leg fascia and TA-DA! My ankle opened up the talus was back into place, I was able to move my femor bone more freely in the hip and I had immediate improvement in range in my knee, hip and ankle. It took her all of 5 minutes. I had spent 15 years stuck in this pattern. Multiple physical therapist and specialist and MRIs, I was told I would not ever gain full range of my knee, which was one of the reasons I stopped dancing professionally. I knew if I continued this work on myself it would open possibilities in the Pilates that I hadn’t thought about.

Madeline Black – Sole to Spine Workshop San Diego

This led me to San Francisco in March for Madeiline’s Gather Workshop – 30 hours in one week at the Body of Work Studio in the Presidio. That space is incredible and I the teachers were absolutely amazing. It was an honor to be part of this group. This was the most difficult workshop I had taken. So much anatomy, science, and movement mechanics – we learned over 100 ways to un-spiral the entire body, fascia stretches and tactile cues. My mind was FULL. I knew it would take me MONTHS maybe even a year to integrate her ideas into my practice and find my own teaching voice.

Lesley Logan in her Los Angeles Studio

While all of this was happening, I started to work with a Pilates Business coach Profitable Pilates – Lesley Logan! I had my first coaching call in January 2019. As I look back at those notes, she gave me ALL the answers in the first call — it took me months to actually follow through. She insisted that I own my greatness. She insisted, I get over myself and get on instragram and facebook to share my passion and vision. She insisted on me writing a blog. She told me “you have an obligation to share your work to the world”.

I have to be really honest… making a blog, getting a website, putting myself out there on social media — was not an idea I was excited about….I realized only way to influence the Pilates community was to get on board with the digital media and make work that I believed in.

I still wasn’t ready…. I booked coaching calls all summer long and when I was in LA, I got to take privates from Lesley and an in person coaching session. She is more beautiful in person, from the inside out, which in a town like LALA LAND IS RARE. She gave me a ton of homework each call and recommended books to help me clarify my vision. After our last coaching call, I joined her online coaching group called Agency with monthly webinars. It’s a Pilates Mastermind with teachers and studio owners from ALL OVER THE WORLD. Lesley coaches us on our monthly goals indiviudally as well as constantly giving us mentoring on scheduling, teaching, and mindset.

SHE SAID “JUST PULL OFF THE BAND AIDE and start publishing the blogs. After working all summer on blogging, I started to put my work out there. I got some traction and people were very nice. My blog is still far from where I want it to be, it’s a work in progress, I am a one woman show. I will take my time and move at a pace that feels organic, it feels right, and I have a high level of satisfaction of what I have accomplished in with digital media.

Instagram – Tactile Cuing with Jess from Pilates Row

During the summer, I was able to collaborate with Jess from Pilates Row, Chandler. We explored fascia, read books together, and had deep discussions about hyper mobility. She was able to help me completely reset the patterning on my left knee and I now have full knee flexion. We also had a chance to work in the fall on a bit of tactile cuing for fascia which we shared online through Instagram and Facebook.

October, I had an accident and injured my left hand (middle and ring finger). I wrote a blog about it if you want to read up on this. This injury taught me a lot about myself. I needed to heal, I needed to mediate, and I needed to find clarity in my work.

So now in December, I am completely full of gratitude for all of the people that changed my life. It has a ripple effect, I was able to heal and help others too. This is the part about the work that I love. I love the power it has to transform us from the inside out.

I would love to hear about your magical moments of 2019. Please feel free to share in the comments section.

Good bye 2019, thank you for the journey. Hello 2020, let’s see what’s in store!

I would love to hear from you and your Pilates journey in 2019. What inspired you? What are you looking to find in 2020?

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