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In the beginning of October, I injured my left hand (the middle and ring finger). It was a puncture wound. I suffered an infection and complete loss of movement of my left hand for two weeks. I had to see a hand specialist, after a month of healing and the wound had to close; I was cleared to see a physical therapist.

What I learned:

Your brain controls all movements of the hand. My muscles in my hand forgot how to work. I had to tell myself – use your left hand to open the door, carry the grocery bag, turn on the shower, etc… Every single moment of the day. It was a challenge to stay focused on each task and invite my left hand to take part in the movements of functional life.

Due to the issue of the adhesion (scar tissue) I had to receive manual therapy to reduce the bound tissue and help the tendons glide. Fingers are mostly fascia and tendons. My exercises involved my mind, fine motor skills, and large range 3 dimensional movements.

After a month of therapy (8 sessions) and very basic Pilates. My mind finally connected to my hand and I was able to use it without talking to myself.

I was thankful for my past Pilates practice as I work fascia connections and proprioception everyday.

I am still about 2-3 weeks out of being finished, the connective tissue is getting close to being healed. I am in the home stretch of moving on with this injury.

Proprioception and brain patterning are a huge part of my quick recovery. I had days where my mind was exhausted. I had to take recovery very easy and do little. As a mom, I had to let the house work go for a bit and cooking to be minimal. This time in recovery was the hardest, to be still. Taking time to heal. It was a challenge for my family to “see it” since I looked the same and the wound was closed. I had to remind them often that “I was healing and needed downtime”. They understood after gentle reminders and I got lots of cuddles and a few movies on the couch.

This time of recovery, fed my soul. I had to slow down and I got to let go of the BUSY-ness. Celebrating small moments of connection with the people I love, which I believe helped me heal.

Focus, discipline, grace, recovery, prayer, mediation, love, gratefulness, family and friends support have helped me get to where I am today in this moment.

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

I will be blogging and sending newsletters in the New Year. I will post have a few social media posts during the Holiday Season. If you haven’t read my blogs about Fascia and Proprioception. Link in Bio or DM me if you would like me to send it directly to you.

Thank you for your support!

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