4 Solutions to Break through Fitness Plateaus

Have you committed to a fitness routine that has been the same for a year? 18 months? And you notice only one part of your body is toning and the rest is soft?

For example if you are in a strength training 4-5 days a week and you notice your quads are toned and a bit overly tight, but your hamstrings muscles are flat, chances are your fascia and movement patterns need correcting.

You might think, how can this be I train 4-5 days a week — I THINK I am doing a balanced workout.

It happens, as humans we get into a routine a class that we like, the time works, a studio we love, the people are awesome in it. The community gives us support…. BUT

You are stuck at a PLATEAU


1. Identify the soft areas in your body, and look if you have one shoulder higher or one hip forward, where is your weight on your feet.

2. Find a trainer that can see movement patterns — Yes this is a ONE ON ONE type of work to progress you to the next level. That can use hands on cuing (tactile support) to help the fascia to WAKE UP and glide properly.

3. Create a body work session, that specifically works on re-patterning your brain to movement that is FASCIA ORIENTED, and with both verbal & hands on tactile cuing to support the fascia system.

4. Go easy on the workouts (lighten up on the resistance and work on good form and not too much fatigue). Form is everything. If you aren’t in good form, you won’t get results.

Once you get your patterns reset, you will smash through your plateaus back in your group class.

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Check out the re-patterning work for hyper-mobility with Jessica Dumanch Flynn from Pilates Row. We have been collaborating for almost a year. YouTube TV Channel Carrie Miller Pilates click here:


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