4 steps to fix hamstring weakness, post-rehab with fascia focused Pilates.

Hamstring Curls on the Merrithew V2 Max

4 Steps to fix hamstring weakness post-rehab with fascia focused Pilates.

  1. Dynamic Stretching (before the exercises)
  2. Eccentric Fascia Exercises
  3. Concentric Muscle Focused Exercises
  4. Dynamic Stretching (after the exercises)

I have three client that have hamstring INJURIES, that have been through rehab and were not “healed yet”.

One was coaching football for his oldest child and slipped on wet grass on the field, and still is “feeling it” tug every day.  Completed rehab but it has not healed.

Second was not warmed-up enough for his cross fit class and injured it.  

Third, is a yoga teacher, exerciser, and sometimes cross fit client, that “tweaked it”.

When I reviewed ALL of their exercise programs they were missing the BACK LINE of fascia engagement understanding of the ACTION of the hamstrings.

HAMSTRINGS:  3 major muscle groups & Action:
Biceps Femoris, Semimembranosus & Semitendinosus – – Action: extension of the hip, flexion of the knee, and lateral rotation of the knee.

Step 1: Dynamic Stretching – it gets the fluid of the body moving in circulation and warms up the entire body

Step 2: In order to retrain the FASCIA tissue which is where the scar tissue is from injury or trauma — we need to work Eccentrically with light to medium resistance.

Step 3: Then train the muscle group on the Concentric contraction.

Step 4: Dynamic Stretching with tactile cuing allows the nervous system to let go and a deeper stretch is achieved.


Dynamic Stretching Before:
Reformer: Standing Cat stretch with box (light springs — Merrithew & Balance Body 1 Red, Classical Gratz or Contrology 1 springs)
Mat: Spine Stretch Forward

Eccentric Fascia Retraining:
Reformer: Footwork – (light springs — Merrithew & Balance Body 1 Red, 1 Blue, Classical Gratz or Contrology 2 springs)
Mat: Swimming legs only variation

Concentric Muscle Building:
Reformer: Hamstring Curls prone / Feet Pulling Strap: (medium to heavy springs — Merrithew & Balance Body 1 Red, 1 Blue // Classical – Gratz or Contrology 2 springs)
Mat: Bridges (hips low variation) and bridge with a single leg kick (hips still low)

Dynamic Stretching After:
Reformer: Elephant (Merrithew & Balance Body 1 Red, 1 Blue, Classical Gratz or Contrology 2 springs) & Runners lunge with platform extender (bend and stretch front leg & 2nd variation straight leg
Mat: Scissors and Saw

These exercises will help your client gain proprioception help turn on the fascia lift in the back line and train the muscles of your hamstrings.

I filmed the Mat work exercises for you teachers! You can check out more of my videos on YouTube TV, Carrie Miller Pilates Channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0uzZ5lUJQA&t=52s

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Have you tried these exercises? Let me know your what you think!

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