How to prepare for a session using a hands on approach to healing Pilates

How do you prepare for a session using hands on approach to healing with Pilates?
Intention & Cleansing your Energy

You must understand that when you touch someone you are touching their electromagnetic energy field (I spoke of this in my last blog). That when you touch someone you are indeed doing energy work. Let’s define what that is.

I recently discovered a book called The Body Heals Itself by Emily A. Francis.  It is rich with the information about the art of healing.
She defines energy work as “an umbrella term describing a number or different techniques used to help the body heal itself through touch and through intuitive contact with the energies of the body.  Energy work can be practiced by massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, Healing Touch practitioners, as well as people who have had no formal training, but have a true honest desire to help someone heal.  Energy work is what is referred to in the Bible as “the laying of hands” and Reiki is simply another technique and school of thought surrounding energy work.”

I know as Pilates teachers following Joseph’s teachings we are indeed resetting the energy of the body through the use of three dimensional movement of the spine, breathe, dynamic stretching, and eccentric contractions which turns on the fascia system – inducing movement to detox the body.  Adding another layer to teaching is the power of touch.  

Francis also states, “Placing your hands on someone carries with it great responsibility.  Whenever I’m going to be doing energy work, I like to prepare myself as well as the client and the space before we begin….I practice self-cleaning techniques and I connect to the highest energy source through prayer.  I smudge myself with sage to help purify my energy and raise my vibration…”

I also have self-cleaning techniques. Before the session I diffuse essential oils: tea tree with lemon , and always wash my hands.  I mediate and pray for love energy, healing and restoration for all involved.  I find this helps me focus my energy into the present moment.  This also keeps me from absorbing the energy.

After the session, I say a prayer of gratitude (often silently to myself) go wash my hands, and stand outside in the sun to clear my energy.

My Saturday private client has a very high intensity job.  He has a hard time breathing deeply and fully relaxing. I was intentional with my session, I warmed him up, supported his movement during the session, but I felt the energy still stuck even after an intense physically challenging session of Pilates Mat, Tower and Functional Body Weight Training.  I told him that we were going to cool down and breathe deeply, to release any energy and tightness that was still in his body.   I was able to get him to fully relax with 3 minutes of hands on touch to release his tension and calm his nervous system. I told him to “breathe deeply, and to let go while help you stretch”.  I was calm in my energy, holding space for him to surrender.  I kept repeating to “breathe deep and let go”.  I was intentional with my words and actions.  He was so relaxed he laid on the floor for over 5 minutes.  This is a man who never sits still, I was in awe of his state of calmness.  I was equally affected by his energy, and I was feeling very energized, a full heart, and said a prayer of gratitude. We both benefited from his transformation.

We as Pilates teachers are intuitive. We must be gentle with our touch and sensitive to the client’s emotional needs.

As always, I love to learn about your experiences with the healing touch through Pilates or any other modality that you practice. If you want to sign up for my newsletter and blogs, just leave me a comment and I will add you to my list. I am also available for private sessions digitally as well as workshops at your local studio.

Have a great week.

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