Teachers: Do you have clients that like to “exercises on their Backs?” I think have an answer for you!

Have you ever had a client come in and lay down on the reformer, and tell you that they love that they can do Pilates and lay on their back the ENTIRE SESSION?  It’s hard to get them up and moving!

Here’s my theory, people are way too stimulated and overworked -Joseph Pilates created exercises to help people deepen breathe, release tension, train the muscles & fascia, and relax the body.  The answer is in the fascia and how gravity pulls on our bodies…

Coming back to Joseph’s words in Return to Life was beyond inspiring.  Here’s the support about the fascia connection.

“By reawakening thousands and thousands of otherwise ordinarily dormant muscle cells, Contrology correspondingly reawakens thousands and thousands of dormant brain cells, thus activating new areas and stimulating further functioning of the mind.    No wonder that so many people express such great surprise following their initial experience with Contrology exercises caused by their realization of the resulting sensation of “uplift”…  continued uses of Contrology steadily increases the normal and natural supply of pure rich blood to flow to and circulate throughout the brain…”

If you believe that fascia is both fluid and tissue, as I do, the Contrology (Pilates) technique activates and stimulates the turning on of this system.  Fascia that was not gliding begins to glide and toxins are released and new cells begin to heal the body– circulation is improved and skin starts to look different, the tissue is now turned on and working AGAINST Gravity, as the UPLIFT. 

Pilates Mat work is all body weight specific on the floor with no resistance or props and never done upright.  Here’s why he believed it good for the body:

All exercises are performed while you are sitting or in a reclining position, this is done to relieve your heart from undue strain as well as take advantage of the more normal (original) position of the visceral organs of your body when in such positions.”

When we practice the classical mat, (on our backs) it helps our body restore it’s functions and turns the fascia on to “UPLIFT” and allows us to relax in our body, mind and spirit.

As a contemporary teacher, I have decided to add Classical Mat and Reformer BACK into my repertory once a week. I like it ALL. Classical, Contemporary, and fitness based Pilates.

What do you think?

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  1. Totally agree! Sometimes I REQUIRE a client to start on their back and take a moment to relax into their body and shift out of overstimulated mode (especially the ones who just put in a full day of work). Then it is so much easier to do the work 💛

    1. Hi Karen! Thanks for your response. That’s beautiful that you start them on their back. Getting the nervous system to calm down and their mind to connect to the present moment in their own body. Love it!!

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