The Importance of Advanced Work

Last week I talked about the different motions of the Spine: Flexion, Extension, Rotation, and Lateral Flexion. As a contemporary teacher, I tend to use the word traditional exercises, to describe Joseph Pilates Original work – instead of Classical Pilates – which is a specific style of Joseph Pilates work in it’s order and with his cues.I use the traditional exercises in a way that specifically unlocks the body. Which leads me to to my title – the ADVANCED WORK IS IMPORTANT.

These exercises are NOT for all clients . However, these exercises are completely trans-formative. They open the body, challenge balance, create three dimensional movement, create strength and heat, then release tension and detoxify.

Here are some of the Advanced exercises in my current practice (Reformer & Cad/Tower):Full swan on Cadillac (or Tower)
Short Spine & Long Spine
Standing Reformer Rowing Series / Front and Back
Short Box Mermaid – with Hawk Variations
Standing Saw (Side Splits) Reformer
Long Stretch – with variations. Teachers – this is the type of work that gets us to LOVE the Power of Pilates. Teachers, DM me if you want to practice the Advanced work.I am all for modifications, but there comes a point if the work is broken down so much into small pieces, is it even Pilates anymore?In good health!

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